Author: Kyle Gambone

newburyport smart growth

03 Jun How Smart Growth will boost economic development in Newburyport

The arguments in favor of Smart Growth development boils down to three basic points: Smart Growth saves Smart Growth makes Smart Growth counteracts the costly and unsustainable effects of urban sprawl. As Newburyport finds itself in the midst of yet another municipal budget battle, the need for more revenue...

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Newburyport Smart Growth - One Boston Way

28 Apr How Newburyport stands to benefit from a Smart Growth District

The approval of a Smart Growth Zoning Overlay District comes with a myriad of benefits for Newburyport. Enacted in 2004 to promote the development of compact, walkable, mixed-use, transit-oriented neighborhoods, Massachusetts 40R Smart Growth Zoning has been adopted by more than 30 communities across the...

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26 Mar MINCO Launches Social Media Pages to Spread Word on Train Station Development and Newburyport’s Smart Growth District

In an effort to inform the public about its latest proposed development―an 80 unit apartment building near the MBTA station and located within Newburyport’s newly proposed Smart Growth district―MINCO Corp. is taking a modern approach: The company recently launched a blog as well as a...

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